Nilai Kesetaraan Kalor dari Bahan Bakar Sampah terhadap Batubara sebagai Energi Panas Alternatif


Municipal solid waste (MSW) as an alternative energy is potentially produces caloric value. It was composed by organic waste, paper, and plastic which give a high caloric value as a requirement in energy conversion. This study was conducted by using secondary data from many institutions and only done in six big cities at Indonesia (i.e., Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Surabaya). To understand the energy value of MSW compare to mining coal, a calculation of the energy conversion into mining coal was done. The total amount of MSW from five big cities in Indonesia is 9,885,717 kg/day. Total of calorie energy from MSW is 35,001,626,638.84 kCal/day or equal to 1.7 Gigawatt. This value is equivalent with 6,272.69 – 7,592.54 tons of sub-bituminous coal which is costed as IDR 3,181,759,275 – 3,851,239,989.

Adolf Leopold Sihombing

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